‘Shifting’ to a secondary keyboard layout on GNOME

The Danish language makes use of two letters [åÅ] and [øØ] which are not on the Icelandic keyboard.

I’ve tried to learn the Danish layout but I kept making errors and had a hard time remembering where symbols like ‘+<>;:!”#$%&/()=@ are located.
Having to switch permanently between keyboard layouts all the time with key combinations (Windows way of doing things) such as alt+shift is tiresome!
I was making too many typos and to many errors, I guess my muscle memory is just too strong!

It turns out that there’s a very easy way to make use of the Danish layout on Linux.
I never use the CAPS-LOCK key so I configured it to act a SHIFT-to-Danish-layout-while-pressed key!

Here is how:

ð is located on the Icelandic layout where å is to be found on the Danish layout.
‘ is located where ø is to be found.

CAPS+ð makes å
CAPS+shift+ð makes Å
CAPS+’ makes ø
CAPS+Shift+’ makes Ø

Beeing able to type on my native keyboard layout, using the Danish letters when needed means no learning curve, no confusion and no evil typos!