Adding a new bhyve guest to FreeBSD 11.1

Installing a guest on FreeBSD’s bhyve, assuming bhyve has previously been installed and is hosting at least one vm.

The guest’s hostname will be mailpile, its shall have 100GiB of storage and 2048 MiB of RAM.

# Obtain a list of iso's known to bhyve.
vm iso

# Create debian Linux guest. It shall have the hostname mailpile and have access to 100GiB of storage space.
vm create -t debian -s 100G mailpile

# Autostart the guest when the system comes up.
add mailpile to vm_list in /etc/rc.conf

# Configure the guest (add more RAM to it, I used 2048M).
vm configure mailpile

# Install debian to the guest. Spell out an iso file from "vm iso".
vm install mailpile debian-...myversion.iso

# Connect to the guest.
vm console mailpile

You should now be in the Debian installer.

FreeBSD bhyve guest networking stopped working after configuring host NIC aggregation.


A bhyve guest is unable to connect to the network after it’s host was configured to use NIC aggregation.


The guest’s vm switch was configured to use one of the NIC aggregation’s ports instead of the interface itself.

This was evident by:

[root@T20][~]# vm switch list
public  auto    bridge0  -       -      em0

In the above listing, public should be using lagg0.


Remove the em0 port from public and add lagg0 to it:

vm switch remove public em0

vm switch add public lagg0

At this step I choose to simply restart the guest after which it was back on the network.