How-to: Limit the CPU% on a process in Ubuntu 10.04

I have two danish dictionaries I run with wine. They seam to be very CPU hungry for some reason, this causes the cpu fan to run to at 100% and the laptop gets very hot and noisy!
cpulimit is a nice program which can be used in order to place a limit on the cpu% a process gets.
Unlike nice, it can suffocate the process so it appears to be running on a much slower CPU. This is NOT the same as changing the priority or renice-ing the PID, as that will not limit the process on a free cpu.
This solves both my fan-noise and the heat problem.
cpulimit is in the official repos & it’s man page is pretty straight forward ( takes less than a minute to read throe. )
Below are two screenshots, before and after, showing it in action.
(click to zoom)


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