(Installing) and configuring ftpd on FreeBSD 11.1

FreeBSD contains an ftp daemon in its base system; An FTP server is already installed and available on FreeBSD.

To enable the ftpd:
append the following line to /etc/rc.conf


To start the service, execute the following command:

service ftpd start

Installing ftp and telnet on macOS High Sierra (and later versions).

Apparently, ftp and telnet have been removed from macOS High Sierra. Apple claim this is for security reasons.

Both ftp and telnet can be obtained from the GNU inetutils package, which is available in macports.

Given that macports is available on the system, install GNU inetutils by executing:

sudo port install inetutils

An execution of the above commands installs ftp and telnet under /opt/local/bin/

FreeBSD bhyve guest networking stopped working after configuring host NIC aggregation.


A bhyve guest is unable to connect to the network after it’s host was configured to use NIC aggregation.


The guest’s vm switch was configured to use one of the NIC aggregation’s ports instead of the interface itself.

This was evident by:

[root@T20][~]# vm switch list
public  auto    bridge0  -       -      em0

In the above listing, public should be using lagg0.


Remove the em0 port from public and add lagg0 to it:

vm switch remove public em0

vm switch add public lagg0

At this step I choose to simply restart the guest after which it was back on the network.